About MOFA

Manish Gulati

Working for more than 15 years, his experience from designing Accessories/ products , Exhibitions , Retail, Residences to National Institutional projects, Sports stadiums, Hospitality and residential. His past and current assignments include NIFT Kangra Campus , HP; DPCC Head Quarters, New Delhi ; NIWS Campus Goa; ITM Campus, Gwalior& Sports Academies for Directorate of Sports & Youth Welfare, Hospitality and Retail projects, Accessories/ products , Exhibitions , Retail & Residences. His forte & driving passion till date remains Design & innovation.

The studio and practice from the beginning reflected his clear approach to design - Contemporary, bold & global with subtle Regional / Contextual interventions to Concepts. His innate ability to remain abreast with technology, his deep love for the arts and sensitivity towards life always remains at core to any of his works. His design processes is supported by his International & Holistic approach towards Architecture in terms of Constant Research, Resolution, Case studies & project discussions on design, functionality, Technology, inventive concepts and sustainability issues.

Tanushree Gulati

Her involvement has been critical right from the inception of M:OFA. Ambitious, Progressive and System-oriented; Tanushree is partly an Urban Planner, partly an Engineer and partly leads the research wing for Manifestation of Fluid Architecture(M:OFA). During her training with Gammon India Ltd. in New Delhi she worked on road infrustructure project and then was extensively involved in designing and development projects like Reliance Rural Business Hub, Omaxe Ltd., ITM Campus Master plan & institutional projects, Godfrey Philips of India Lounges, MPAKVN Head Office Design Competition etc. Other projects include DPCC and NIWS.

From her inputs in making NIFT Kangra the 1st Zero Discharge Institutional Campus for the Ministry of Textiles to planning Sport-cities for Kerala National Games in 2010 and State Government of Madhya Pradesh at Bhopal, she skills in projecting the various aspects of planning, realizations, implementation of codal practices, sustainable design sensibility in each project.

We started our practice in 2002 but it was through the practice and realization of what we as Architects would like to stand for and contribute towards was when Manifestation of Fluid Architecture (MOFA studios was formalized in 2007.

At M: OFA design and deliveries are both given equal importance. Our projects range from furniture pieces for residences to Sports Stadiums. The connecting thread across the board has been the evolving yet strong working methodology. Understanding a project from the Client’s perspective – its intended use and the design opportunity that a project presents us, both add tremendously to the final narrative.

A design is a subconscious process which starts with a few brilliant ideas and progress into a collaboration that our clients, engineers, planners and even the contractors are a part of. From the onset of the practice, we consciously chose to work with some of the top consultants in the industry as innovation requires knowing the subject well for handling it with ease and timely deliveries.

Design Opportunity: Irrespective of the scale, we are excited by the design challenge that our project brings forth. We intuitively understand the design potential & the possibility within a project without upsetting the Project Budgets. We see projects like project stakeholders and create a dialogue deeply valuing the balance between the two. It is always a partnership.

Language: We strongly believe that the language of Architecture is derived from the local context, history, the future vision, the locally available material and the aspirations that fuel & connect the intended user with the project with a sense of belonging.
If one doesn’t grow continuously, one stagnates. We keep abreast with the latest technologies available in the world. We deeply try and understand the arts and crafts & indigenous ways of a given place as a unique design resource, often even the limitations. This helps us in innovating and crafting methodologies uniquely suited for projects, thereby creating unprecedented solutions & designs. The new doesn’t scare us, it just motivates us to work out a more detailed and researched methodology of work.

Experience: Working with seasoned players over the last 18 years, we have ourselves become seasoned. Also, we are in the profession of improving the quality of life, space, people, city, and country all around. It is not possible to either innovate or design good architectural spaces without understanding the human psyche or having experienced life. The comfort & needs of the intended user can never be left out of the fray.

Manifestation: We have worked with various state and central governments on projects of National importance in India and understood such projects as capacity building ventures.Learning from the governments, the larger picture, their social responsibilities in a project, handling multiple government departments simultaneously and in return teaching them modernization & contemporary architectural advances along the way has been a tremendous learning experience.
We have an equally large portfolio of works in the Private sector, individuals, brands, companies, and institutes. It has taught us how to think on our feet producing timely drawings and finishing projects on time without any excuses. Hence today completed Stadiums, as well as Restaurants, find a much-coveted place in our best of works.

Collaboration: Building anything requires tremendous energy and resources, it often requires the coming together of very diverse yet proficient minds & skillsets working together. We understand with experience that the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of parts. Hence collaborations over the years have only added to our total experience as well as our willingness to work with experts from various fields.